Housing Authority

Wadena Housing Authority provides social housing intended for low to moderate income households including families, seniors, and persons with a disability. Under the Social Housing Program, tenants are provided with rent that is geared to their household income.

You are eligible for the social housing benefit if:
  • your household's income and assets are at or below the limits established by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) from time to time;
  • you are able to live independently either alone or with supports;
  • your household fits with the types of housing we have available in your community;
  • you have good rental references from landlords;
  • you are not in Canada on a student visa or as a visitor;
  • Senior applicant must be 60+ years of age, and;
  • Family applicant must have at least one (1) dependent.
If your application for the Social Housing Program is approved, the Wadena Housing Authority will review your housing circumstances and assess your level of need for housing. When a unit is available, the housing authority selects the household with the greatest housing need. 

If your application for the Social Housing Program is approved but no housing unit is available immediately, you may need to provide additional information to confirm you are still eligible for the program when a unit becomes available. A security deposit will be required, should you be offered a housing unit. 

Wadena currently has the following rental housing available:
  • 50 x 1 bedroom Senior units
  • 4 x 2 bedroom Senior units
  • 11 x 3 bedroom family homes
To learn more about the program or to submit an application, please contact/send to:

Wadena Housing Authority
Attn: Anne Sanderson
PO Box 908
Wadena, SK  S0A 4J0 
P: 306-338-8775
E: sandea@sasktel.net

Application for Rental Housing