Accessible Transportation

The Wadena "Wheeler" Handi-Van is a 10 passenger van used to transport seniors and those with disabilities within town and to surrounding areas. It is a safe, reliable mode of transportation that is wheelchair accessible and available for both individuals and groups.  For Handi-Van purposes, the definition of disabled is meant to include not only people with wheelchairs and walkers, but it is a broader term, including age, problems with mobility, and those that are ambulatory but cannot drive or do not have a vehicle. 

The van is owned by the Town of Wadena and operation of the van is contracted out to a separate corporation, the Wadena Van Corp. 

The Van Corp. operates out of the offices at the Wadena Community Legion Hall at 254 Main Street N. 

To book a ride, call: 306-338-8270

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
Evenings & weekends by appointment only. 

Rates & Info.

Please visit the Wadena Van Corp's website at for rates and additional information.