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Wadena Legion Hall - Complete Facility

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Reservation Cost

$900.00 per day

$4,200.00 per week


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Chairs
  3. Kitchen
  4. Meeting Rooms
  5. Restrooms
  6. Security
  7. Security Surveillance System
  8. Stage
  9. Tables
  10. Water
  11. Water Fountain
  12. Wet Bar
  13. Wheelchair Accessible

 Booking of the complete facility gives the user exclusive use of the Main Hall, Court Room, Club Room and Kitchen for the booking period.
Booking of the Wadena Community Legion Hall can only be done through the Town Office. Please reservation requests that are made online are requests only, you are not booking the facility. You will be contacted with the necessary forms, deposit and rental fee information, and payment methods available to complete your booking. 
 Portions of the Hall are available at different rates including 1/2 day rates. Many events will only need to book the Main Hall and Kitchen for 1/2 day (6 hours) each, which is more cost-effective than booking the complete facility. 

Complete Hall Rates (Main Hall, S/Court & N/Club Rooms, Kitchen)

Day Rate (12 consecutive hours): $927

Multi-Day (48 consecutive hours): $1,133

Max. Capacities (approx)

610 people - banquet style

800 people - theatre style (chairs side by side without tables)

Table Dimensions

Rectangle - 30" x 96"

Round - 60" in diameter.

*Rates & Use are subject to the Policy RC-001 Recreation Facility Use and Allocation and are subject to change by Council resolution.

If food is being cooked or served from the kitchen, a valid permit/license from Saskatchewan Health is required in most cases. Please contact the Health Region at (306)655-4605 or for details on whether you will need a permit to operate your event.

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  1. Wadena Legion Hall - Kitchen

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  2. Wadena Legion Hall - Main Hall

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  3. Wadena Legion Hall - Meeting Room A (South/Court)

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  4. Wadena Legion Hall - Side Room (North/Club Room)

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