Places of Worship

New Life Church 
Wadena Community Legion Hall - South Room
254 Main St N 
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0
Phone: 306-630-0041

Wadena Baptist Church
134 2nd St NE
Box 1060
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0 Phone: 306-338-3434
Office Hours: Tues-Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday Service: 10:30 am

Wadena Congregation of Jehovah's Witness
122 4th St NW
Box 311 
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0
Phone: 306-338-2890

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
85 3rd St NE
Box 187
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0
Phone: 306-338-3700
Rectory: 306-338-2214

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

413 1st St NW
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0
Phone: 306-338-2423
Pastor Dawn Myrfield: 306-921-6629
Sunday services will be posted online, there are no-in person services for the next several weeks. 
Please contact us for further information on services. 

Please note that this is not a complete list. If you wish to add or update information, please contact us at the Town Office (306) 338-2145.