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Fitness Centre


  1. 24/7 Secure Cardlock Access
  2. Air-conditioned Fitness Studio
  3. Cardio Equipment
  4. Fitness Classes
  5. Locker Room
  6. Restrooms
  7. Room Rental ($25.00 Add-on)
  8. Security Surveillance System
  9. Seniors Classes
  10. Water
  11. Weight Room
  12. WiFi
To purchase a membership, please visit the Town office to fill out a form and pick up a key card $20 fee.

Regular Membership Rates





Family (4)


$     10.00

$     10.00

$     10.00

$        31.00


 $    43.00 

 $    25.00

 $    25.00

 $     132.00


 $  122.00 

 $    68.00

 $    68.00

 $     371.00 


 $  235.00 

 $  131.00

 $  131.00

 $     717.00 


 $  451.00 

 $  250.00 

 $  250.00 

 $  1,378.00


Membership does not include fitness classes.

Discount Days:

From the last Friday in November until January 15, 6-month and 1-year memberships are 30% off. In September, 3-month memberships are 25% off.

Canadian Forces (CF) Appreciation Program:

The Town offers a 10% discount on Fitness Centre memberships to customers with a CF One Card issued by the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS).

Room Rental
Community service, activity clubs, groups or instructors providing a series of courses, not provided by the Town of Wadena, may rent the upper room of the Fitness Centre. 

Rate: $20/hour

Rates and facility use including pro-rating, and cancellations are subject to the Town of Wadena Recreation Rates and Use Policy.

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