How can I get on the agenda to talk to Council?

Any person or group of people can request to come before Council as a delegation. Delegation requests must be received by the CAO no later than the Wednesday prior to the Council meeting they wish to attend. 

All requests to be a delegation must include the name of the person/group making the presentation including the number of people that will be attending as part of your delegation (to ensure adequate seating room is available or if a change of location will be required to accommodate). Requests must also include a main contact name, phone number and e-mail address (if available), as well as the purpose/reason/subject of your presentation to Council. If there is any material to be provided to Council for the presentation (handouts, etc.) please provide this at least 24-28 hours in advance of the meeting if at all possible or be able to provide 8 copies of each item.

If you would like to request to be a delegate at a council meeting, please contact the Chief Administrative Officer at 306-338-2145 or

Town Council Chambers
102 Main St N (use south side doors for meetings, front doors will be closed).
Wadena, SK  S0A 4J0

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