Community Events

The Town of Wadena is host to multiple community events and activities throughout the year. These events and activities can be found liste don our Community Events Calendar. 

ur website allows community members to submit their own events to the calendar. The calendar page has a "Submit an Event" button that brings up a form to enter all the details, then system admin staff authorize the posting of the event. To Submit an event, click on the Submit and Event Icon below and it will take you to the Event Calendar. There is a link at the top of the calendar you can follow to Submit an Event.


The following is administration's  event listing policy. If you are not sure if your event is eligible, simply submit it and we will let you know. Feel free to drop by a poster for us to display in the entry at the office. If you would like the office to sell tickets for your community event please contact us with your request.

Community Event Calendar Policy

To be eligible for inclusion in the calendar, the following criteria must be met:
  • It must take place at a specific location in Wadena within a defined time period;
  • It must be open to the public and/or of wide public interest;
  • It must not be a "sale" or retail/service promotion specific to one or several businesses (with the exception of public trade shows, farmer's markets and the like);
  • Entertainment hosted by a business is eligible providing that they are occasional and/or special events, and not the everyday activity of the business;
  • AGM's and Conventions that have a major impact on businesses and hosting clubs/organizations in the town are eligible even though they may not be open to the public.
The following are not eligible for inclusion in the calendar:
  • Deadlines of any sort;
  • Contests;
  • Ticket sales for lotteries or other draws;
  • Local club meetings that are open only to members;
  • Schedules of regular classes or lessons conducted by organizations or businesses;
  • Regular Schedules of Religious Organizations;
  • Daily or regular commercial entertainment schedules;
  • Retail/commercial events, sales, celebrations, observances etc. that do not fall within the eligibility requirements.