Financials & Reports


As a Saskatchewan municipality, various laws require us to be transparent, open and accountable.  

Citizens have the right to request access to the records of their municipality. Our aim is to be more transparent and accountable, while improving services and enabling the public to stay informed.

The Town of Wadena believes in the proactive release of information through self-serve portals like our website, which allows information be downloaded and viewed in different formats. This allows citizens to do their own analysis of the data provided; such as minutes, bylaws, financial documents, etc. By proactively disclosing these records, it can save citizens – as well as the city or municipality – time and cost in requesting the information in person or in print. 

If you are looking for information you cannot find on this website, please contact the Town Office. Some information is freely accessible to the public, some we charge a cost recovery copying fee for  (only if hard copies are requested), and some requires payment of a fee and completion of a request form under The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LA FOIP).

Through this website you can access Council Meeting Minutes, Annual Financial Statements, Operating Budgets, Bylaws, Policies, and more. We appreciate your patience as we work to bring these online files up to date, and continue to improve this public service.