A Policy is defined as corporate direction that is formally adopted by Council resolution. Enacting policies provides a framework for decision making ensuring consistency throughout the municipality. Policies are laws, subject to municipal bylaws, which are subject in turn to Provincial and Federal law.

The supporting legislation for such policy development is the The Municipalities Act which specifically provides Council the authority to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of a municipality.

In comparison to a bylaw, which requires three readings of Council to pass or change, a Policy may be passed and amended by a single resolution of Council. A policy may not exist in direct contradiction of any municipal bylaw or other law, but may exist to provide framework and direction for regulation and implementation of those laws.

The policies listed below are a list of Council approved policies currently in place. If there is a policy not listed that you would like to access, please contact the Town Office. We attempt to keep this list as up to date as possible.

Simply click on the policy name to view and download a copy of the complete policy.

Policies of Council