What is a By-Law?

A by-law​ is a law created by the local government, in our case The Town of Wadena, to meet the needs of citizens and resolve issues. Bylaws apply within the town limits. In Saskatchewan, a local government's powers and duties are given to them by the Province of Saskatchewan under the Municipal Government Act. This includes the power to enact by-laws.

The Town may create by-laws for a municipal purpose in relation to those matters listed in the Municipal Government Act. Matters include:
  • Public safety
  • Citizen health and welfare
  • Protection of private and public property
  • Nuisances and unsightly premises
  • Public places
  • Transportation
  • Business activities
  • Services provided by the Town
  • Utilities
  • Animals
  • Enforcement

Common By-Laws

To view the by-law, click on the topic below. Please note only common by-laws are listed here. If you are searching for a particular topic and do not see it on the list, please do not assume there is not a by-law for this topic. Please contact the municipal office to check the By-law ledger at 306-338-2145.