Building Permits

The following information outlines what is required for a permit. A Building Permit requires inspection services from a Building Official and while a Development Permit does not require inspection services, it does need to be on file at the office to ensure it is in accordance with the municipal bylaw. All building projects must comply with the building Bylaw 02-07.

A Building Permit will be required for:

  • Residential buildings, commercial buildings and farm buildings (not located on a "family farm"), including new building construction as well as alteration and renovation of existing structures;
  • Demolition, repair, relocation, alteration or addition to an existing building or structure;
  • Alterations or construction of accessory buildings, garages, decks, swimming pools and mobile homes;
  • Structural changes to existing buildings;
  • Change of occupancy or use of an existing building;
  • Accessory buildings that are greater than 100 sq.ft;
  • Decks or roof enclosures over existing or new decks;
  • Basement development in existing dwellings;
  • Erection of tent garage. 

A Building Permit will NOT be required for:

  • Driveways and sidewalks;
  • Cosmetic repairs such as paint or minor repairs to exterior finishes;
  • Replacement roofing on a one to four unit dwelling unless the decking is replaced;
  • Replacement siding on a one to four unit dwelling, as long as the replacement is with similar construction;
  • Laying carpet;
  • Replacing doors and windows in existing openings in a dwelling unit, as long as the replacement is with similar construction. 

A Development Permit will be required for:

  • Accessory buildings under 100 sq. ft. 
Please note all permits must go to council for approval, as well to the building official for final approval prior to issuing the permit. This can take 5-10 business days, so please ensure the permit application package is completed and submitted in full to avoid any delays. All applications MUST be received the Thursday prior to the council meeting by 12 p.m, noon (2-3 business days). Any late submissions are unable to be added to the agenda and will have to wait until the next council meeting.

To submit a permit application, please refer to the side bar for designated packages and deliver one of the below listed methods. Community Development Services will be in contact with you once received.

In person:
102 Main Street N.
M-F, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

By mail:

Box 730 
Wadena, SK
S0A 4J0 

By email:

By fax:

For any other questions, please call the office 306-338-2145.