Business Licenses

A business license is required to do business in the Town of Wadena. A business, whether or not for profit and however organized or formed, may include a commercial, merchandising or industrial activity or undertaking; the carrying on of a profession, trade, occupation, calling or employment; or an activity providing goods or services.

The type of business license you need depends on the business operation and its location. This allows us to apply appropriate regulations to businesses where there is a potential for negative impacts on the community. Business licenses are used to gather land-use information, workforce statistics and to facilitate planning decisions and economic development initiatives for the community.

Business licenses are valid until December 31 each year. 

License Categories

Home Occupations

To facilitate economic development and foster entrepreneurship, many types of businesses can operate from a residence. The standards for home occupations are intended to seek a balance between a quiet, safe and aesthetic residential environment and the aspirations of home-based entrepreneurs. Business activities which may disturb neighbourhood peace are not permitted, and must locate in an appropriate commercial or industrial zoning district.

There are two types of approvals required before operating a business out of your home.

  1. A Development Permit allows business activities to be conducted from a residential property and is regulated by the Town of Wadena’s Zoning Bylaw No. 2/87.
  2. A Business License allows you to operate your business in the Town of Wadena and is authorized by Business License Bylaw No. 04-18.

A single application form is intended for both types of approvals. 

Application Form: Home Occupation Business License
Information Sheet: Home Occupations


All businesses operating from commercial and industrial zoned properties in Wadena require a commercial business license.

Application Form: Commercial Business License


All businesses operating in Wadena that do not have a permanent Wadena business location require a non-resident business license. This category also includes farmers' markets and trade show events, which will cover all persons offering goods or merchandise for sale. 

Application Form: Non-resident Business License

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