Trucking Routes

The Town of Wadena recognizes the importance of establishing a plan to divert all truck traffic away from Main Street. This is a major project that includes various parties in addition to the town including Ministry of Highways, other federal and provincial authorities and the surrounding RM's. This will require incredible funding and potential opportunities and partnerships are currently being explored.

By diverting truck traffic, Main Street and the overall community would benefit as follows:

  • Safety. The speed and size of these trucks pose threats to motorists and pedestrians.
  • Dust Control. Along with the size and speed, comes a lot of dust. Business lining Main Street will benefit by having cleaner storefront facades and would provide opportunities such as outdoor seating for cafe's and a welcoming environment for seating at meeting spots along the way. 
  • Opportunity. With a Main Street Revitalization Program under way, a truck route would ensure the success of the plan. The long term vision includes new sidewalks, lamp posts, better accessibility, outdoor visiting spaces & events, ultimately increasing the overall economic vitality. Main Street restored to a place where people want to 'be'. 
  • Preserved Infrastructure. The diversion of the heavy weight and constant wear on Main Street would assist efforts made to restore Main Street and preserve the infrastructure.