Snow Removal Priority Route

Please note that snow removal may cause poor viability and could be dangerous for crews, motorists and pedestrians. Please do not pass crew while trucks are loading. Beacons and flashing lights indicate the hazard and we kindly ask you to exercise respect and caution.  

Priority Route

  • From the town shop to the CPR tracks along Main Street north to south, Ridge to center.
  • On the first pass go in to the Crescent at the north end of 1st St., NW to open up for the Doctor.
  • 1st St. NW to (Narfasons), 1st Ave. NW  east Across Main St. to 
  • 1st St. NE, South on 1st St NE past the fire hall to #5 highway and return the same route.(This will take care of the ambulance and fire hall). Ridge to center.
  • 2nd St. NW past RCMP North to 2nd Ave. NW. Then east on 
  • 2nd Ave. NW. to Main.
  • Move to Kennedy. Clear Kennedy East to 6th St. North on 6th Street to Portage Ave. east on Portage Ave. to open up for the other Doctor. Then back to 5th St.
  • South on 5th St. to Hearn, East on Hearn through driveway at Weneeda Park Lodge. West on Hearn to Jim Headington and south to  Hwy. #5.
  • Return to Jim Headington, North back to Kennedy, West on Kennedy to Hwy. #35.
  • Back to 4th St.(Jim Headington) for second Pass to Hwy. #5.
  • Begin regular residential snow cleaning beginning with 6th St. NE then Portage, Tolen, Pierce, and Turnbull driveway.
  • Clear Curling rink and Skating Rink parking lots at approximately 4 PM - 4:45 PM on the way back to the shop.

Please ensure all vehicles, garbage/recycling bins and any other obstructions are moved off the street during snow removal. 

For more information, please contact the town office 306-338-2145.