Snow Removal Priority Route

Please note that snow removal may cause poor viability and could be dangerous for crews, motorists and pedestrians. Please do not pass crew while trucks are loading. Beacons and flashing lights indicate the hazard and we kindly ask you to exercise respect and caution.

If clearing snow, or hiring a contractor to clear snow from your driveway or property, please ensure the snow remains on your own property (providing snow piles do not become a sight hazard for vehicles) or at the provided snow dumping/piling site only, as indicated on the map below.  

Please ensure all vehicles, garbage/recycling bins and any other obstructions are moved off the street during snow removal.

For more information, please contact the town office 306-338-2145. 

Updated March 20, 2018 (Resolution of Council #110-18)

Snow Removal 2018-Revised